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Strengthen Your Game

Strengthen Your Game

Over the past 30 years, there has been a shift in golf teaching technique toward a swing in which the player minimizes the movement of the lower body during the backswing to create a large separation between the upper and lower body.

This requires making your body more limber, in order to increase the range of your swing. Having established themselves as the premiere golf community in Naples, Peninsula Treviso Bay works hard to verse themselves in the best of everything golf-related. They are, after all, a TPC course. These exercises will strengthen your game to get you to a lower score.

The split squat: The split squat doesn’t require the shoulder mobility that a front squat needs and is a great starting point for anyone with mobility restrictions or injury. Since only one leg at a time is doing the work, use a light weight – or none at all. Start in a staggered stance, with your front foot forward and knee in line with your foot. If you’re using a weight in each hand, keep them at your side. Keep good posture as you lower your body, and make sure to keep your front knee in line with your foot. On your way back up, drive through the heel to get back to your starting position. Repeat for 10 reps on each leg.

Lateral lunges with sliders: When you swing a club, each leg works individually, and at different parts of the swing each is more responsible for taking the load of your weight. The majority of your weight goes onto the rear leg during the backswing, and then is transferred to your lead leg during the downswing. Practicing this weight shift will help you achieve proper weight transition in the swing without swaying or sliding.

Resistance band straight leg raises: Grab a resistance band and a mat and lay flat on your back. With a wide grip, pull the band apart as tight as possible across your chest, engaging your core. Keep your body flat to the floor, and raise one leg at a time, keeping it straight. Once your leg starts to bend, that’s as high as you should go. Repeat for 10 reps on each leg. Invest a little time with these exercises to prepare for your best year ever and see how much better you will play.

These practices should help get you flexible in no time at all and are sure to increase your game level. When you dedicate yourself to something like golf, you want to put yourself in a place with people who care about it as much as you. Peninsula Treviso Bay is the place for that. With its consistently tropical weather, it’s the perfect place to get outside and enjoy the game. The TPC course lets you do just that. Residences at Peninsula include the TPC golf membership and offer views over the final holes and clubhouse.

Peninsula Treviso Bay has created quite a buzz around town and offers an unprecedented combination of new contemporary modern design, exquisite views and a roster of resort-style amenities unparalleled in the region. Residents at Peninsula receive a TPC Golf membership with the purchase of their home by Sunwest Custom Homes. In addition to the golf clubhouse, Treviso Bay residents have access to a private resort clubhouse that features a full-service spa and salon, an expansive fitness center, tennis, pickle ball courts and a tropical-inspired, lakefront oasis with multiple pools, waterfalls, poolside dining and tiki bar in a lushly landscaped setting.

Most surprising, you’ll find the HOA and Membership fees are remarkably affordable. Make the comparison to other clubs in the area – request a Naples golf homes comparison guide to see how other local communities compare. Or, request a free digital brochure to learn more about the Peninsula lifestyle – residences are going fast. The Treviso Bay Sales Gallery is open daily. Call 239.249.6830 or stop by to schedule a private tour of Peninsula’s newest model home. You won’t want to miss it!

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Portions of this article courtesy of The Met Golfer