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Community FeaturesPeninsula Treviso Bay

Community Features

Beyond the golf, the tennis, the spa, the two clubhouses and all the celebrated amenities there are quiet benefits here that are every bit as valuable. Immediately adjacent to Treviso Bay, the 110,000-acre Rookery Bay National Estuary Reserve is a rare pristine example of a mangrove forest and more. Tours are available. Within the community, extensive trails allow a more contemplative connection to nature.

If your own connection to the wild world is embodied by an excitable four-legged friend, the dog park is a must for both of you—and it’s a great place to meet your wonderful new neighbors.

There are many things to love about Peninsula Treviso Bay—and surprisingly the HOA is among them. Imagine this. An elegant private enclave that is the only bundled TPC golf and country club community, one could even say the only TPC bundled golf experience that exists and the initiation fee is…

$0. Unbelievable but true.

The yearly golf fees are $3,000. Also true. And barely believable.

And for this exceptional lifestyle, that is all that is asked.

Believe your eyes—and pick up the phone.

Carefully and imaginatively conceived, Peninsula Treviso Bay takes the best possible advantage of Arthur Hill’s brilliant course design to create a country club community that celebrates golf—and every other good thing about the Paradise Coast.

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